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Choosing the right excavating contractor will make a big difference in the success of your project, whether you're digging a pool in your backyard or building a retaining wall. Factors like dependability, expertise, and pricing must all be weighed in order to remain on track and within budget. Canadian Outbuilding goes above and beyond by ensuring your full satisfaction.


Our services include lot clearing, tree and stump removal, land leveling, basements, crawl spaces, driveways, septic systems, new lawns from leveling to topsoil and planting, grading private roads, new and existing driveways, water run-off including retention ponds, drainage ditch, drain tile, snow removal, new and existing home construction, complete demolition services, yard maintenance and landscaping.


The Process:

We take great pride in completing your Excavating, Leveling, and Grading projects to the highest standard possible. Before any work starts, our experts personally visit each location to decide the best solution for your needs. We assist with:


  • The land slope for proper drainage


  • Soil composition to ensure proper excavating, leveling and grading of the land.


  • Provide a firm platform for a firm foundation made specifically to support the impending structure.

  • Grading services for driveways and parking lots.


We recognize that your grading, levelling, and excavating project is likely the start of a major structure for your residential or commercial property. As a result, we treat each project with the utmost care.


We're not just moving the earth around; we're giving you a foundation to build on.

Our Excavating and Grading Services include:


Water Trenching • Grading and Backfilling • Retaining Walls • Forming Floating Pads

Small Demolitions • Digging Foundations • Driveways • Septic Tanks

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