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Pole barns are a type of post-frame construction, which has been used for centuries to build strong, dependable structures quickly. Post-frame construction is a well-engineered solution that offers both reliability and adaptability.


Pole buildings are known for their use of posts that are buried below the frost line and installed with concrete footings into the ground. These structures offer a lot of design flexibility to suit your construction needs and can also be customized. We assist you with obtaining permits and provide drawings as well.

Get Your Project Started!

We know our customers need to be informed to make good decisions. We offer elevation drawings, product brochures, and other relevant information with our quotes upon request.


Pole Barns can be used for a variety of buildings

It’s easy to think of post-frame structures as just agricultural barns, but they’re perfect for a variety of uses:


Garages/Storage Buildings

One of the most common uses of a pole barn. Due to their scalability in depth and height, you can create a comfortable garage for one car or a larger structure to house your RV!


Do you have a hobby that needs dedicated space or room for big equipment? A pole barn is a great option for craftsman, musicians, artists and more.

Horse Stables

If you’re a dedicated equestrian, pole barns make excellent stables for horses, especially during the colder months.

Advantages of a Pole Barn

Easier Foundation

Creating a base is one of the most daunting aspects of new construction. They can be costly, and they also take a long time to plan. Pole barns, on the other hand, do not need any foundation work they only require a concrete footing below the frost line. 

Pole barns may be constructed on any form of field, including rough ground, gravel, or soil. You don't need to plan a level concrete bed to start building because the structure is supported by deep-set poles. Just a small amount of concrete is required in each footer when you install the poles.

The lack of a strict concrete foundation opens the doors for you to build your pole barn in a variety of areas. Depending on your homestead, you may have an area that’s not suitable to be covered in concrete and perfectly-leveled.

A concrete floor can be installed after the building is complete or even at a later date if the client would like this option.



Pole buildings overall require less wood to complete than typical buildings. This is due to the intensive framing and additional structural support required by other traditional types of construction. Fewer materials mean your overall costs will be lower. With minimal concrete and framing material requirements, a Pole Barn can offer big savings.

Quick Turnaround

Due to their design, a pole building can be constructed in less time than other buildings. This means your pole barn will come together in a short amount of time for you to start using it immediately.

Creates an Insulated Space

If you're building a pole barn for livestock or just a private man cave/she shed, properly insulating the structure is critical. The pole barn frame's small spacing between posts allows for better insulation due to less thermal breaks.

Pole barns are often designed to naturally improve ventilation, allowing you to experience a more relaxed atmosphere with better air quality.

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