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Keep the bad weather outside where it belongs. Canadian Outbuilding offers complete eavestrough installation services to homeowners. Our team ensures that water and snow are safely guided away from your home and drain properly, preventing damage from the harsh natural elements.


Replacing your home's soffits, fascia, and eavestroughs with aluminium soffits, fascia, and eavestrough is an easy way to improve its appearance. We ensure that you have enough soffit openings for sufficient air flow and that the job is completed correctly the first time.


In order for water to drain away from the roof effectively, the eavestrough should be sloped. Down spouts that steer water away from the house should also be present in your home. Improperly sloped eavestroughs not only shorten the life of your eavestrough, but also lead to the formation of icicles and ice on your roof.


Our team understands that every home is unique, and that each eavestrough system needs unique features to operate properly. We'll design, install, and replace eavestrough, soffit, and fascia that suit your home's dimensions and provide the weather protection you need.

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