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Canadian Outbuildings offers siding options for your home or any structure on your property. We have a variety of styles, colours and materials to best suit your style choice and budget.

Our team will do an inspection of current siding conditions to see what areas need to be replaced. We can assist with a minor repair, replace siding on the entire house and help you choose the right siding option for your home.

The most common reasons for doing a full or partial replacement include:

  1. Decayed, warped or rotted parts of the wall. Environmental elements have caused damage in certain areas, and you need to have it fixed before painting the whole house.

  2. The lifespan of siding has reached its limit, generally 20 to 25 years.

  3. Curb appeal
    You want to update the look of your property with a different design or make it look more modern.


We use products from Vicwest and Maibec.


Our clients can choose from a variety of siding material options including:


Vicwest Steel Siding

Driving rain, strong winds, extreme cold or blistering heat – none are a match for Vicwest Bellara™ Steel siding. Finished with their proprietary Expressence Paint System or WeatherXL™ paint to assure lasting colour and available in rich, dark colours, soft, traditional shades, and lifelike woodgrains, Bellara™ is as beautiful as it is durable. They offer 50+ colours to choose from.



Vinyl siding is a material with which you can impeccably design the exterior facade of any building. The house, whose exterior is made of vinyl siding, is advantageously different among surrounding buildings. In addition to external attractiveness, vinyl siding is also a solid material – its performance characteristics allow it to serve impeccably for several decades.


Vinyl & Wood Board and Batten

This traditional style found on barns and farms are available in smooth and woodgrain finishes, providing distinct shadow lines, board and batten exterior siding can be used in a variety of styles.


James Hardie 

Fiber cement siding (also broadly known today as James Hardie siding) serves to organize the facing of a house to create the appearance of wood or vinyl siding. Invented more than a century ago, this type of cement siding was originally used as the outer covering of the house to make it able to withstand extreme climatic conditions while preserving the beauty of the building itself.


Cape Cod 

Cape Cod Siding lets you enjoy the benefits of natural wood with a low maintenance finish. It adds prestige and gives an artistic rein with siding and trim profiles that will add distinctive architectural detail to your home.

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